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150 Peabody Place Memphis, TN 38103

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ServiceMaster Global Holdings is a Fortune 1000 company that is publicly traded and provides residential and commercial services. The company is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Some of the brands operated by ServiceMaster include Terminix, American Home Shield, Furniture Medic, AmeriSpec, ServiceMaster Clean, and Merry Maids. The company has announced that American Home Shield will become a separate, publicly traded company by the end of 2018.




$300 million


Consumer Services, Real Estate, Janitorial Services, Commercial Cleaning, Facilities Management & Commercial Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, Business Services

Competitors,, metro-restoration...,, countyservicesinc...


73, 87


561, 561210

The ServiceMaster headquarters are located at 150 Peabody Place Memphis, TN 38103.

ServiceMaster has 1668 employees.

Competitors of ServiceMaster include,, metro-restoration...,, countyservicesinc....

Naren K. Gursahaney is the Chief Executive Officer for ServiceMaster. You can contact the CEO by writing to ServiceMaster, 150 Peabody Place Memphis, TN 38103.

The SIC code for ServiceMaster is 73, 87.

The NAICS code for ServiceMaster is 561, 561210.


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Executive Contacts

Craig Torrance Vice President of Operations ServiceMaster 150 Peabody PlaceMemphis, TN 38103

Pratip Dastidar Chief Transformation Officer ServiceMaster 150 Peabody PlaceMemphis, TN 38103

Aster Angagaw President, ServiceMaster Brands ServiceMaster 150 Peabody PlaceMemphis, TN 38103

Naren K. Gursahaney Interim CEO ServiceMaster 150 Peabody PlaceMemphis, TN 38103

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