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+1 (202) 358-0000

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+1 (202) 358-0001


300 E Street SW in Washington, D.C, US

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NASA, short for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is the United States’ space agency responsible for space exploration, scientific research, and technological innovation. Established in 1958, NASA conducts activities such as human spaceflight, robotic exploration, Earth observation, astrophysics research, and more.

Notable achievements include the Apollo program’s Moon landing in 1969 and ongoing missions to space and other celestial bodies. NASA also studies Earth’s environment and collaborates with partners to advance space science and inspire the public through education and outreach programs.

The agency’s work has expanded scientific understanding and led to technological advancements. For detailed information, referring to the official NASA website is recommended.






$25.2 B


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Competitors,,,, kennedyspacecente...


37, 372


7121, 541512

The NASA headquarters are located at 300 E Street SW in Washington, D.C, US.

NASA has 18,000 employees.

Competitors of NASA include,,,, kennedyspacecente....

Bill Nelson is the Chief Executive Officer for NASA. You can contact the CEO by writing to NASA, 300 E Street SW in Washington, D.C, US.

The SIC code for NASA is 37, 372.

The NAICS code for NASA is 7121, 541512.


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Executive Contacts

Iris Lan General Counsel NASA 300 E Street SW in Washington, D.C, US

David Salvagnini Chief Data Officer NASA 300 E Street SW in Washington, D.C, US

Bill Nelson Administrator NASA 300 E Street SW in Washington, D.C, US

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