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475 Anton Blvd Costa Mesa , CA 92626

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To help manage the risk and reward of business and financial decisions, Experian Information Solutions, Inc., a provider of information services, offers information, analytics, and marketing services to enterprises and individuals. In addition to helping customers check their credit report and credit score and safeguard against identity theft, it provides data and analytical tools that assist businesses in managing credit risk, preventing fraud, focusing marketing offers, and automating decision-making. The UK government’s Verify ID system and USPS Address Validation both collaborate with Experian.






$4.6 billion


Data, Information Collection & Delivery, Credit, Media & Internet, Data Management, Search Engines & Internet Portals, Risk Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Healthcare IT, Healthcare Finance, Automotive Data, Big Data, Analytics, Data Science, Financial Access, Innovation, Fraud, Identity

The Experian headquarters are located at 475 Anton Blvd Costa Mesa , CA 92626.

Experian has 14809 employees.

Craig Boundy is the Chief Executive Officer for Experian. You can contact the CEO by writing to Experian, 475 Anton Blvd Costa Mesa , CA 92626.


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Executive Contacts

Brian Cassin CEO Experian 475 Anton BlvdCosta Mesa , CA 92626

Michael Bruemmer Vice President, Consumer Protection Experian 475 Anton BlvdCosta Mesa , CA 92626

Dacy Yee Chief Customer Officer, Experian 475 Anton BlvdCosta Mesa , CA 92626

Craig Boundy CEO Experian North America Experian 475 Anton BlvdCosta Mesa , CA 92626

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